Paul Greenawalt The Republican outsider who represents people not big business

Vote for Paul Greenawalt for State Representative. A New Breed of Michigan Republican

Paul is running in the August 5th 2014 race for the State Representative of the 43rd District.

Former Elected Republican for the City of Pontiac (2006) Precinct Delegate District 5

In the 2012 Republican Primary race for State Representative (in the 43rd) he acquired 29% of the vote or 2756 votes.

Paul is a fresh face and a new and different voice for the normal average Michigander. He received 2756 votes against an incumbent Republican representative as a new Breed of Republican and politician. Paul got no special interest money or PAC money and was not bought out. I am a big nobody. Every once in awhile sometimes nobodies do Great things. Lets Review David and Goliath. Nobodies can sometimes beat the stack dealt to them. Sometimes God helps out too.

Never let anybody own you or your vote. Your vote is only yours to give. Choose Wisely.

Thank-you for your votes.

Political donations are accepted: Friends to Elect Paul Greenawalt 1007 Lasalle Waterford, MI 48328

Corporate checks are not allowed. We also need address, occupation (if any) and phone # (if questions)

Michigan Right to Life endorsed!

Paul Greenawalt & daughter
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Paul Greenawalt & daughter

More about Paul Greenawalt

A very Important Tea Party that I attended with Mackenzie

Paul was born and raised in Pontiac, Michigan. Someone who can truly represent Michigan. We didn't have much money when I grew up and still not much money today. Even thou I grew up truly poor in terms of money, I was rich in regards with parent's who loved me. My parents somehow managed to scrape by. I learned to be happy with what I had. I started working at a Country club before I was 13 years old. I worked hard and moved up in rank. It taught me the value of hard work and the value of a dollar. Growing up in Pontiac I learned that I loved Rap Music. However nowadays, I like all styles of music. But back then I was in a Christian Rap band similar to like a DC Talk, I wrote music lyrics, and played around Michigan in a few concerts at Christian schools and churches back in my early years. Yes I was a Christian rapper or just one who made music with his mouth. Later in life, my wife and I bought our first home in Waterford in 2007. We moved here knowing this would give our children a better school district to learn in.

My father grew up a farmer, and later was a UAW local 155 union worker. He made car parts until his job moved to Mexico. He currently makes car parts at a smaller factory. Paul is currently a pastor of The Third Story a Ministry church of Scott Lake Baptist Church at 7:30 pm on Sunday. Paul attends Louisiana Baptist University and almost done with his Bachelor's of Communications.

* I would Introduce legislation to not force doctor's and nurses to perform medical procedures against their individual's beliefs.

* Support parent's rights to choose where to send their children to school. Being it either religious, private, charter, or public school of their choosing. They may use my educational school voucher programs, if they desire. We can increase our education levels in our state by giving parent's the ability to choose which school to take their children too. All school's will have to fight for students and the school district must increase their education levels. I support a FREE School market. I also support more funding for special education programs such as my child who needed help with speech . We need to help families and children who really need help.

MORE On Education: I want to teach junior high and high school children two trades and basic farming so they are more able to get a job when they get done with high school if they wish.

* Pro Business - I support offering tax breaks to businesses that add, bring in, or create jobs from out of state or overseas and move them into Michigan and hire Michigan residents who have lived here six months or longer.

* I Oppose any legislation on Planned Parenthood's attempts to try and force PRIVATE business owners to stock certain abortion products. A private business or Corporation has a right to decide what products they will or will not sell. Here's a new one. I'm Pro Pharmacy Rights. I also would vote to defund Planned Parenthood's funding for abortions and show accurate accountability of how they use their other funding.

* I would Support legislation to end Michigan's Certificate of need requirements as I feel it is violating the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution. It also limits consumers/patients choices of what doctors to see. I support a Free and Fair market.

* Create and protect Michigan's poor and Middle class families since this is what I represent and was born into.

*Introduce MY Legislation to Protect Michigan's Retail jobs from returns that are purchased from out of state. This would detail having the original store that sold the original item(s) to be the one actually taking the return. Then the Michigan store being transferred the return merchandise to it. This legislation would be made so it does not hurt payroll dollars for big box retailers operating inside Michigan. This will allow for more workers to be hired here. In addition for all internet returns sent from out of state the dollars must be off the books by the end of the evening so Michigan's retail jobs do not disappear. The sending location must under state law take the dollar's loss and not the Michigan retail location.

* I am a Member of Union Conservatives. The Republican side of the union found at I Support ORGANIZATIONS That PROTECT WORKER'S RIGHTS against business. I support organizations that help our citizens achieve living wages.

Also Introduce MY legislation to protect Michigan's retail commissions jobs. Starting point that if it's not paid in commission and goes into the companies till. The corporation must pay all non-managers a monthly bonus of the normal commission rate of the said store based on hours worked per month as a bonus.

I would introduce legislation for our State's rights to Protect our Catholic Hospital's from future mandatory regulation that forces doctor's and nurses to perform procedures against their individual beliefs.

We Love Uncle Paul

We Love Uncle Paul
We Love Uncle Paul
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Let's Stop spending 1.39 billion dollars a year

Let's reinvest that money here

Stop sending our Michigan Dollars out of Michigan or even the nation by the billions per year and invest in our own energy Independence RIGHT HERE.

This will create jobs for people in Michigan.

Don't be played by the big money. They are scared that you'll figure this out.

What do you think we could do with that 1.39 billion dollars that we send to Wyoming, Montana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. This is the cost alone for our 100% imported coal.

We need to focus, study and encourage more on: Natural Gas, Biomass, Hydroelectricity, landfill gas, liquid fuels, solar and wind generators near the thumb. We are reported as 14th state in the nation with the best wind potential and for creating our own energy right here at home.

Here's the Real Facts: (

The Goal: Renewable Energy and Michigan Independence and our 1.39 billion a year to invest and keep in Michigan for our economy.

All Nations and people will bow to His name - Jesus The Son of God for there is Salvation in no other name

Baltimore B-Notes Bill in Maryland
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Baltimore B-Notes Bill in Maryland

Paul Supports Michigan using Local Money Systems as they do around the nation.

Different regions need to create their own Local Dollar systems that are tied in with the US Dollar and also the Canadian Dollar to capture more of the tourist dollars!

The tourism dollars will stay local in many communities and small town banks. This will Increase Michigan Bank's Financial might. Tourists from all over the United States and world will love this money. Tourists will be in awe over the unique to the communities Local Dollars. The Tourists will love our local money and take it home as souvenirs. This will keep their money in our banks. These local dollars will be BIG business for Michigan. The plan will leave the US or Canadian Dollars in our hometowns. This will help stimulate our local cities and townships.

Michigan local regions will become exporters on a daily basis. This will add to the wealth of our citizens and state.

To achieve different results we must be more creative.

I'm a leader with many plans and solutions.

Photo example: Baltimore B-Notes Bill in Maryland or we could even talk about Traverse City Bay Bucks.

Examples of Local Money and how it will and can work here. - We need to lead the nation not follow it.

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Free Photo FlickR

Paul Supports Off Grid Housing and Debt Free Living!

Mortgage, Water, Gas, Heat & food bills takes most of the family budget every month. I support a new way. I'm a Green Republican!

I believe the way for families to be Free is being Free. They can eliminate many of the bills that they must pay every month. We are slaves to corporations. Many people can do things for themselves with a little education and some hard work. Our nation is dependent on foreign oil, goods and other items. However, many people throughout the nation are freeing themselves with independent housing that has no monthly bills. These people own their land. They have no electric, gas, or water bills every month. They grow their own food. All they must do is pay their property taxes on the land that belongs to them. In turn, they owe no mortgage to the bank. In many ways they are truly free. We need to pass legislation to allow this new alternative lifestyle in all regions of our state. Clean Energy can be helpful if used right. Let's help educate ourselves and others on the different and alternative ways of doing things.

Off The Grid - We need to think Forward

Technology changes so why are we doing the same things?

God is All and I don't mind Not being a star - I follow but also can lead

I don't need my name in lights. But the truth is so many rights of our are being taken away a little by little. I will fight for those rights even if I am the only one Standing for them.

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Things that my husband supports

Support parent's rights of CHOICE to HOMESCHOOL their CHILDREN if they wish.

* Pass a Michigan Bill to allow the school system(s) to charge a small to moderate fee for children who are not up to their grade level in school in speaking English. This will help lower the school(s) cost and allow more money to be used as it should. The fee(s) then can be used to hire teachers of various languages so we can get them on par with English that is taught in the classroom and used in society.

* Increase the cottage industry to $60,000 from $25,000 for small mom and pop food suppliers

* Pass a Michigan bill to allow US citizens (the children (even if minors)) of illegal immigrants a way to report unsafe working conditions that face their parents. Also report business owners who do not pay for work or services performed by their parents a means to safely collect their hard earned wages without fear of backlash. I will be a voice also for many who have no voice.

Pro Business I support small mom and pop type businesses.

I would proudly Support Legislation to limit fees in our state that banks and credit unions can charge consumers. We must protect our citizens and US residents from unfair high fees and high monthly costs just to maintain an account.


I do however, support legal immigration. And those Americans born to undocumented workers who say our pledge and would defend our nation with their hard work and even their blood on the battlefield. The United States has always been a nation that imports more than it exports dating back hundreds of years.

* I support a person's right to refuse a Vaccination. They have a right to say NO.

I Support the Michigan Right to Farm Law and also the Michigan's Farmland and Open Space Preservation Act. In addition support small town and even big time Michigan farmers and fight to keep them producing products and food.

I support Green Energy for America and to lower our dependence on foreign and even domestic oil. I'm a Green Republican.

Pass laws NOT to allow the state to hire foreign workers or foreign companies from taking Michigan construction jobs.

Paid for with Regulated Funds Friends to Elect Paul Greenawalt

No matter what we do - We are all witnesses for the One True King

Copyright Paul Greenawalt
Copyright Paul Greenawalt

Some people think that corporations are looking out for your health.

The Truth is Corporations are looking out for ways to make more Profit. I will never cave in too corporate special interests

We must be very careful of what we eat and what we feed our family. It is good to read the labels of the food that we buy and to educate ourselves as to what they are. Do other countries ban certain ingredients that we allow in our food supply? The answer is yes.

Do you want your children eating pink slime or Chlorinated Chickens at school for lunch? Not for my children and I hope you agree not yours either. Look into what is going on around us. We all can use some education as to what we are putting into our bodies, in order to make more educated decisions. We must stand up and say no and send a message to these corporations. You will not have my business.

I would Vote to Ban Trans Fat, Hydrogenated oils, Brominated vegetable oil(BVO), High Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, BHT, BHA, RBST, Food Dyes (Red 40, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, Blue 1, Blue 2, Green 3, Orange B, and Red 3) and other harmful additives found inside our state's food supply. We need a FREE but fair and controlled market. Not one that gives corporations or even our government power over people it's suppose to be looking out for. People need to wake up and see the GMO poisoned food they and their children are ingesting. It's time to stand up to the millions of dollars and say Not here in Michigan.

I would issue legislation to prohibit Pharmaceutical companies and reps to not offer any kind of monetary of any type to Doctors to prescribe their medications to their patients. If the medicine is good allow the doctor to see the benefit of their product. Their is too many conflict of interests and too much corruption that goes on here. Do you really need all that med your taking? I don't know go to a second doctor and see what they think.

In life it is full of choices - However not all choices are right

This is who Paul follows

Who is this Paul Greenawalt? - Paul thinks he's not as important as this Christ you need to know

More Things That I support and would fight to change - A few books also for reference below

For Michigan to grow we must Grow

We can impact our food bill by growing some of our food

I support a simple tax break for home owners who grow food on their property. Or a vegetable garden tax credit. This will do a few things.

Help Michigan folks lower their food bill.

Help get more folks get off state assistance and save the state money in the long run. Teach a new generation how to help take care of themselves. This will help Michigan farmers to export more and bring more money into our economy.


These are the following categories of information that we are failing to give our children:

"How To Create A Budget" -

What to do with money once you have acquired it.

How to have money work for you, instead of them working for it.


Support showing taxpayers all accounts that our tax dollars are being transferred to, from our general state fund. What the money is spent on.

Holding people accountable so that all taxpayers can see where the money is going . This will help reduce waste and deceit.

Like to find more ways to Protect the Rights of Fathers through the court systems with a check and balance system for Friend of the Court

* As a Republican Americans all need healthcare lets not kid ourselves. However, I do not support ObamaCare as it is known in it's current state. Government does not have the right to force anyone to buy a product or a service. Or tax them because they did not buy something.

The government should pay for BASIC healthcare with our taxes for all US Citizens and legal US Permanent residents and give it to us for FREE. Let's allow our hard earned tax dollars to work for us. Let us have more services for what we really give too.

So we don't keep hearing these horror stories of friends and family members with so much medical bills, stress, family struggles and allow us to be free and live free.

People are not Free if their voice and choice is not heard!

Everybody should be heard in Michigan and smaller parties should not be prevented form having ballot access.

*I would support lowering the regulations for smaller parties to acquire ballot access in the State to a micron of support such as in Ohio.

*I would vote to add onto the Michigan Tax Returns a place for taxpayers to contribute to major state or minor state political parties if they choose too.

This will help create awareness of the different parties that Michigan residents will be able to vote for. This will in addition create brand new paying jobs in those small political parties to represent all Michigan Voters.

* Lower business taxes and change certain regulations to entice new businesses to come into our great state. This will create new employment opportunities for current residents of Michigan.

Former 2nd Vice Chairman of the US Taxpayers Party of Michigan AKA the Constitution Party

Current member of the Oakland County Republican Club Facebook Group

Current member of the North Oakland Republican Club Facebook Group

Paid for by Regulated Funds of Friends to Elect Paul Greenawalt

 Last updated on June 24, 2014

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